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Volunteer Hours

As a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the United States, HOPE Gardens is required to submit an annual report of the number of volunteers and the total hours volunteers provided, By entering this information yourself, you can help reduce the administrative burden on HOPE Gardens staff when we report this information to the IRS.

Contact Information

Please enter a few words about what you did. Examples: Gardening, sewing, editing/marketing, administrative support, etc.

If volunteer activity lasted for several days, please list the date or approximate date the activity started

Please enter the total (rounded up) number of hours you volunteered for the period you've described. If your volunteerism lasted multiple days, please include the total for all the days you volunteered. Don't forget to include time for travel, setup, etc...

If your volunteer services were provided on behalf of a company, or if you provided volunteer services that you usually charge a fee for, please enter the approximate value of these services that you would bill to a corporate client. Leave this blank if you would not usually charge for the services you provided.