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Thank you for offering a speaker, program or event for SF Hillel. 

The form takes 10-15 minutes to complete. Our students and staff evaluate unsolicited opportunities by the seriousness and thoughtfulness of the proposal, and the extent to which they align with our organization's mission.  



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Is this event primarily intended to be on campus/open to public forum or at the Hillel house for the Hillel community? Explain as appropriate

If yes, please identity which Hillel(s) and the name of the staff person you worked with most closely at each

If applicable, provide a link to either your own relevant webpage or a previous relevant event (e.g. a FB event page or similar)

Logistics and Financial Details

Please describe when you are proposing for this opportunity to take place

Please explain the amount SF Hillel would be required to contribute, the total cost of the opportunity, and any existing or potential grants/sponsorships for this

You can upload a flyer or any other useful information here. PDF strongly preferred