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Discovery Workshop, March 23, 2024 - High School and College Student Registration

If you are looking for adult registration, click here.

Love to play chamber music? Never played chamber music but always wanted to? If you are a high school or college musician age, come and join us for a fun-filled day meeting and playing with other musicians and exploring the wonderful world of chamber music.

Student Contact Information


Parent or Guardian

For students under age 18, we require a parent or guardian to complete and sign this registration form on behalf of the student.

Skill Level

Novice: I can read music and have basic technical skills. I am starting to explore chamber music repertoire. I can sight-read simple pieces slowly.

Intermediate: I play with a decent tone. I am comfortable at moderate tempi. I am peripherally aware of other parts. I can sight-read at a moderate tempo but slow down the hard sections.

Advanced: I play with a pleasant tone. I can get back in when lost. I can sight-read near concert tempo, except in difficult technical passages. I am aware of other parts and try to match them.

Expert: I play with a beautiful tone. I can play quickly and cleanly in difficult keys and with key/tempo changes. I am a strong leader. I can sight-read all passages cleanly at concert tempo (except pianists). I have keen awareness of other parts and know exactly how they fit.

If this is the first time you are registering for a Discovery Workshop event, please give us some examples of pieces you have recently played. Also, please describe your comfort level with sight reading. Your answers to both questions will aid us in placing you in an ensemble.

(Optional) If you are coming with a pre-formed group, list each person's name and instrument.
Waivers & Release

We require the following waivers and release.

For student under age 18, we require a parent or guardian to complete and sign this registration form on behalf of the student.  The waivers, acknowledgements and release below all refer to your student under age 18.

Photographs and audiovisual recordings may be taken during the workshop, including but not limited to digital screenshots and performance captures.


DO NOT FILL IN THE PAYMENT OPTIONS BELOW if you are not paying online at this time. You may pay by sending a check to Chamber Music Guild, PO Box 27164, Seattle, WA 98165
Tuition Assistance

Available to all attendees. Fill out the Tuition Assistance Form in addition to the Registration Form.

Payment of tuition is due by March 9, 2024