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Heart & Chutzpah 5783 Sponsorship Sign Up

Thank you for sponsoring Kadima's 5783 Heart & Chutzpah event What We Water Grows!

A central theme of Heart & Chutzpah this year is creating opportunities for reciprocal and mutually beneficial community support, to give back in ways we are able as we reach out to our community for support in return. Because of this, all sponsorship levels will come with gifts in return.

Your sponsorship package includes:

  • All sponsorship levels receive two complimentary tickets to the event, which is on April 30th, from 5pm-7:30 both online and at Centilia Cultural Center on Beacon Hill/Duwamish Land. Please register the person/people you are sending to the event here, and choose the "I am already a sponsor" ticketing option.
  • Recognition in our newsletter, and on our Heart & Chutzpah 5783 webpage leading up to and following the event, as well as via projection & on Zoom during the event
  • Your logo on our Heart & Chutzpah paper program, which will be given to every registrant (including remote participants)
  • For sponsors giving in the $216-$720 range, we are very excited to offer room in our program booklets for a coupon for attendees to patronize your businesses or organization after the event that will accompany your logo placement. (Imagine something like a "Chinook Book"!) The coupon amount and offering is entirely up to you and what you feel would benefit you and your business most.
  • For sponsors giving in the $1800 and up range, we are offering two coupon spots in the program!


If you would like to give an amount below $216, we are so grateful for your contribution! We plan to acknowledge your business or organization during the event and on our Heart & Chutzpah webpage unless you would like to remain anonymous. Thank you for your generous donation and for helping to water the Kadima garden!



Curious about the significance of the sponsorship levels we've offered?

The number 18 symbolizes good luck and good life in Jewish culture. Because of this, Jews often give in multiples of $18 to honor our tradition that life is the most important of all values and actions. This is why the Mishnah says "anyone who takes a life (destroys a soul) is as though they have destroyed an entire world" (Sanhedrin 4:5).

All of the levels offered are at a multiple of $18! If choosing an amount other than one listed, please consider giving in a meaningful multiple of $18 which is equal in numerical value to the Hebrew word חי/khai which means life! 

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If you are donating a range of $216 and above, we would love to recognize your generous donation by displaying your logo in our event program. Please upload a copy of your logo (ideally in transparent png format) to the field below.

Additionally, if you are giving in the $216-$720 range, we are offering a spot for a coupon to your business in which you may offer a coupon amount of your choosing. Imagine something like a "Chinook Book" where each business/organization may offer a coupon amount of their choosing, whether that be a percentage off a purchase, or for example a "free cookie with purchase of one lunch," or something of the like.

If you are giving in the amount of $1800 and above, you will receive spots for two coupons, if you so choose. 

If you would like to offer a coupon (or two) in our event program, please write out your coupon offering as clearly as possible in the field below. We will do the rest!

If you would like to sponsor, but are not interested in having coupons in our event program, please write "N/A" in the "Description of Coupon(s)" field below.