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Ekone Ranch's Conservation Fund

Mobilizing resources for the protection and stewardship of the Upper Rock Creek watershed.    

Conservation Goals:

Secure the North Woods property. When this 55 acres on the border of the White Eagle cemetery was threatened by logging in the summer of 2021, we took action, and a private loan, to protect it. Your support makes it possible for us to go out on a limb! And quick repayment of this $160,000 loan will position us for quick action on the NEXT urgent acquisition that arises.

Stewardship priorities:

  • Restore the huge benefits of fire to this landscape, through the careful use of prescribed fire in partnership with regional conservation leaders
    Manage invasive species, especially medusahead, knapweed, and thistle
  • Improve forest health and resilience to fire and insects through thinning, limbing, and understory reduction
  • Foster resilience for the land and its beings in a changing climate, as an integral part of an intact habitat corridor between the Columbia River and the Simcoe Mountains

Prepare for future acquisition opportunities. Land deals move fast, and we need to be ready when the next critical parcel in our watershed suddenly goes on the market. We have seen parcels in our neighborhood be deeply damaged by heavy logging, insensitive forest practices, division and development, ATV’s, pollution, abandoned cars and trash heaps. Please help us build a robust Conservation Fund so that we can take action when needed!


Donations of $1000+ will be recognized on a permanent stone on the trail to the Eagle Wing canyon overlook.

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