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‚ÄčThis year we've partnered with the Jewish Federations of North America and Shine a Light On Antisemitism to showcase Jewish pride as we celebrate Chanukah together as a community. Join us in sharing your light and wishing Jewish students at UVA a Happy Hoo-nukkah by sending in your own candle passing video to be included in our final community candle pass. Students, parents, alumni, donors, community members, professors, puppies - we'd love to share your light with Jewish UVA students! 


Tips for your video:

  • Record on your cell phone camera - no fancy cameras needed! 
  • Pass from your left to right!
  • Wear something Hooish & Jewish!
  • Share whatever Chanukah greeting you want! 
  • Don't have a candle? Get creative! What other light can you share? 

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