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#B303 Parts and Pieces: A Home-Studio Demonstration


Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, May 15, 16 (Rain Dates: May 22, 23)

Instructor: Emma Silverstein

Join Emma at her home studio for two consecutive mornings of pottery demonstrations. The demonstrations will introduce throwing on a kick-wheel, throwing "off-the-hump" and assembly of two-part pitchers. Emma's studio is located a few minutes outside Athens and is uniquely set-up in a minimal, outdoors-adjacent space. Participants will be socially distanced, seated in the beautiful shady yard around Emma's wheel and worktable. Please plan to bring your favorite folding chair and take note of the secondary dates, in case of poor weather.

Minors age 16+ are able to attend adult classes at The Dairy Barn without a parent/guardian. Please be sure to sign the release below.

About the Artist

As an artist, Emma is straightforward and likes to work with her hands and feet. She sees making pottery as a way to engage with daily life - a mundane and joyous reality. Her functional work is loosely thrown and decorated casually with brushwork or finger paintings. Emma is from New York and has recently been involved with pottery work at the Rochester Folk Art Guild.



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