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Thriving Marriage Date Night 2 (Recording)

How to Have Relational Conflict

Wait a minute, it's actually possible to stay relationally connected during conflict? Join Chris and Jen for a in-depth look at what it means to keep the relationship bigger than the problem and learn the biggest factor that will determine how well you will be able to resolve conflict in your marriage. This evening will provide teaching and exercises that will bring a deeper peace and connection in your home. The best part: much of what you learn can be used for resolving conflict almost anywhere!

What You'll Recieve:
  • 2 Session Recordings (Approximately 90 minutes each)
  • Session 1 Topics
    • Why couple conflicts lock up 
    • Shrinking your marriage Joy Gap
    • God’s perspective of your spouse
  • Session 2 Topics
    • Stay relational during conflicts
    • Harmonizing heart rhythms
    • Triple your joy
  • A variety of Skill Practices which Chris and Jen will lead you through as a couple
  • A PDF Handout which includes:
    • The event slides
    • Practice Instructions
    • An outline of the 19 Relational Skills

*This Registration is for the recording of Date Night #2 which aired on Friday, November 6th.

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