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2024 Beaverdale & Beyond Bike Ride Registration

Saturday, June 22nd, 2024

Begins and ends in Beaverdale, following the Des Moines Trail System. 

Make your best poker hand & WIN a prize basket valued at over $100!

All proceeds go towards the Beavedale Fall Festival and the ride supports local businesses along the way! 

Current Participating Locations:

  • Beaver Tap - Registration and Rider packet pick-up
  • Triangle Tap
  • Captain Roy's
  • Single Speed
  • Confluence
  • The Dam Pub - Final Stop & Winning Hand Announcement


All participants must review and sign a release of liability waiver at check-in. You can preview the form here


Early Bird Registration: $25.

Day-Of Registration: $30

Free T-Shirt provided if registering before June 10. 


Contact Information


By voluntarily participating in a Beaverdale Fall Festival, Inc. sponsored bicycle ride (“Fall Festival Ride”), I agree and acknowledge the following: I am aware that bicycling involves certain inherent dangers, including but not limited to the hazards of roads and off-road terrain; weather; accidents; actions of participants, motorists and other persons. I acknowledge that I am aware of the rules of the road applicable to bicycles. I understand that CPSC-certified bicycle helmets are recommended to participate in all Fall Festival Rides. I agree to follow the rules of the road and all applicable laws and safe bicycling practices while participating in the bicycle ride and any related non-bicycling activities connected to the Fall Festival Ride. I understand that it is not the function of the ride leaders (if a Fall Festival Ride has ride leaders) to serve as guardians of my safety. I recognize that the route(s) chosen may be challenging, not necessarily the safest or easiest route(s) and that weather, road and traffic conditions may make a ride difficult. I give permission to Beaverdale Fall Festival, Inc. to use or release my image without payment should it appear in photos or videos taken during a Fall Festival Ride. I freely and voluntarily accept all risks of injury, death or property damage. I understand and agree that none of the parties described below may be held liable in any way for any occurrence or accident in connection with a Fall Festival Ride. I hereby RELEASE from any and all liability Beaverdale Fall Festival, Inc., its officers, volunteers and agents, their respective successors and assigns, ride sponsors and supporters, and ride leader(s) (if any), against all claims, including, but not limited to, claims of negligence, unintentional acts, and acts of omission, and any personal injury, loss or expense, which may arise from my participation in any Fall Festival Ride. I understand I am responsible for my own conduct and decisions while participating in a Fall Festival Ride and further agree that this Waiver & Release shall apply to any claim arising out of my participation in non-bicycling activities while a participant in a Fall Festival Ride. This Waiver & Release is intended to be binding upon me, my family, my heirs, my estate, my legal representatives and assigns. I understand that the terms of this document are contractual and not a mere recital.