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Prairie Restoration and Seed Collection

Thursday, June 17th, 2021

6:30 pm to 7:30 pm - Prairie Restoration and Seed Collection in South Central Wisconsin with Graham Steinhauer

Grassland ecosystems have been decimated across the Midwest since European settlement. Mesic prairies were a primary target for agriculture due to high fertility, and only about 100 acres of original mesic prairie remains in Wisconsin today. This talk begins with the identification, site requirements, and importance of key prairie plant species found on the Sauk and Arlington Prairies. It will shift to seed collection strategies and seed cleaning techniques for restoration initiatives big and small. A brief outline on prairie planting, subsequent management, and tips and tricks will also be presented.

After earning degrees in Forest Restoration and Soil Science from University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, Graham joined Madison Audubon at Goose Pond Sanctuary in 2018 as the Land Steward. He feels at home throughout the state, but has particular connections with north central Wisconsin, southern Wisconsin, Door County, and the Lower Wisconsin Riverway. Other interests include kayaking, gardening, herpetology, and astronomy.

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