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Sponsorship Application

Sponsorship categories include 1.) Competition 2.) Leisure. The sponsorship awarded will reflect the differing expectations and needs for events of different sizes, scopes and permitted uses.



Mark "N/A" if not applicable.

Ex: US Forest Service - Region 9
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Official Outdoor Ethics Sponsorship Agreement

I have read and agree to the terms set forth in the "Tread Lightly! Official Outdoor Ethics Sponsorship Agreement".

Tread Lightly! In Your Advertising

I have read and agree to the "Tread Lightly! In Your Advertising" guidelines.

Tread Lightly! Graphic Standards

I have read and agree to abide by the "Tread Lightly! Graphic Standards"

Tread Lightly! Event Report

I have read and agree to submit a Tread Lightly! Event Report no later than 5 business days from the scheduled event end-date.