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Icelandic Roots Terms of Service Exception Request Form

This Terms of Service Exception Request Form is required when Icelandic Roots Members wish to use and/or transfer information beyond our Limited Use Policy outside the Icelandic Roots database itself.  Permission will be granted to Icelandic Roots Members for limited purposes such as conducting specific research or writing an article or book. Even when Icelandic Roots grants someone permission to go beyond our Limited Use Policy, under no circumstances shall information contained in Icelandic Roots be uploaded into any on-line database such as, FamilySearch or Íslendingabók.

Any use of Icelandic Roots information must also be given proper attribution to the source.

Upon submission, you will be contacted within a few days with a decision or a request for additional information. Please be patient as Icelandic Roots is an all-volunteer organization.

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