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2022 Enthusiast

Participate in Dharma's Garden activities by joining as an ENTHUSIAST!

Benefits last until the end of the calendar year, and include:

• Discounted pricing on garden products and services
• Opportunities to participate in activities throughout the year
• Invitation to classes, workshops, and special events (Pizza Party, Movie Nights, Harvest Dinner, etc)
• Notification when there are extra veggies or flowers availble at our Little Garden Stand
• Access to our LIVE owl cam while the Great Horned Owls are nesting (we'll send you login info AFTER you signup)

NOTE: Enthusiasts do NOT have access to the members-only Saturday/Tuesday onsite markets.

Remember that membership includes all individuals in your household!

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First Name
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Please tell us the name(s) of any additional ADULTS in your household.

Please tell us the names/ages of any children or teens in your household.

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* Please review the 2022 Enthusiast Agreement.


* Please review the Liabilty Waiver/Photo Release.

Getting Involved!

Some ways to be involved (not required, but encouraged!):
Show up for our volunteer events (Wine & Weed, Harvest Fridays, etc);
Help behind the scenes with fundraising;
Attend some classes/workshops (Basketweaving, Birding, Soapmaking, Land Whispering, etc);
Enroll your children in our summer program;
Help us run our events (Cocktails in the Garden, Farm-to-Table Dinners, Pizza Party, etc);
Share your thoughts at our Listening Circles;
Join one of our Committees or Board;
and so much more!

2022 Enthusiast Donation

We want participation at Dharma's Garden to be inclusive and accessible to everyone. ENTHUSIASTS each make an annual donation as a gesture of engagement and support, and the amount of that donation may vary greatly depending on our individual means. Your donation is tax-deductible. We'll email you a receipt after we process your payment.

Please be as generous as you can with your donation — remember, the more generous you are, the more you create an opportunity for another family in our community who may not be able to give much at all.

Want to make a donation by CASH/CHECK instead?
If you want to make a donation by check/cash instead of paying online, you still must make a donation of SOME AMOUNT online via this form IN ORDER TO HOLD SECURE YOUR SPOT as an Enthusiast! (Sorry for this complication). You can always mail a check/cash after making this online donation:
Dharma's Garden
4081 Garnet Lane
Boulder, CO 80304