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2024 Y-WE Nature Connections

About the Program: Please visit Y-WE's website to see a description of the program. Although the program started in November, we are excited to open spots for the remainder of the program! 

When: One Saturday per month all day, November 11th-May 11th, plus a camping/backpacking trip June 28th-July 1st

If you have any needs or questions, contact Beatriz (she/her) and



Youth Information

This form is for young women*, ages 13-18, who wish to enroll in Y-WE Programs. Some sections must be filled out by a parent/guardian. Please look over the application below and prepare to complete and submit it in one session. You WILL NOT be able to save the form mid-way through. Upon completion of this application, you will be contacted by a Y-WE staff member to set-up an interview.

Y-WE Inclusion Policy

*Y-WE welcomes people who identify as a girl/woman, nonbinary, trans, and gender expansive

Youth Information

she/her, they/them, he/him, etc.



Y-WE is dedicated to creating inclusive spaces and programs for all, including people with disabilities and specific accommodation needs.

Youth Interests Information

Your answers to these questions help us to get to know you better and understand what inspired you to apply to Y-WE. We shape our programs around the passions and goals of the youth who participate, so your answers to these questions really matter to us!

We will also always provide any specialized gear or clothing needed for a particular activity!

Type N/A if you do not need to borrow any gear.

Since we have limited space in all our programs, and we want to make sure you get the most out of your Y-WE experience, we require a commitment from you to participate in all activities related to the program you are signing up for. If you miss our events regularly, without pre-approval from the program director, we may ask you to leave the program and offer your spot to someone else who can fully take advantage of the opportunity.

Youth Demographic Information

Y-WE collects this data to better understand who we serve, and to improve and obtain support for our programs. Your answers are confidential and will not be shared outside of Y-WE except as part of anonymous percentages. All questions have a 'prefer not to answer' option and we encourage everyone to fill this section out in whatever way feels the most comfortable!

Your answers are confidential! We do not ask for or keep any record of immigration status.

Parent/Caregiver Info

Please fill this section out completely so that we can contact you about upcoming events and notify you if any emergency situation were to arise while this young person is at our program.


Needs Support Check-In

Y-WE's Community Wellness and Mental Health Specialist (Shaena, she/her) helps connect Y-WE individuals and families with mental health support and practical resources (such as rental assistance, grocery support, etc). Would you like Shaena to contact you about a need you or your family has? These calls are confidential. If you'd like to schedule an immediate appointment with Shaena, go to this link: