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Board Member Interest Form



If you do not have a public profile, please attach your most recent professional bio.


What is your interest in Green Empowerment and motivation for deciding to fill out this application? Please share what about our thematic focus, geographic scope, approach, personnel, history, and/or organizational culture, excited you enough to prompt you to apply to be on the board?
Please check any of the skills and expertise you will bring to Green Empowerment.


Green Empowerment board members, staff and partners are globally distributed and therefore meeting times are not often during a standard 9am-5pm work day for many of the team members. Our Quarterly Board Meetings are currently held at 8am PST/4pm UTC. What time zone are you in? Are you able to be flexible during the early morning, day and evening hours to attend board meetings?

Green Empowerment board member service requires attendance at quarterly meetings as well as reviewing materials before the board meetings, estimated time commitment is 4 hours per quarter. In addition, Board Members serve on committees and have individual work plans, ranging from an additional 2-4hours per month. Are you able to commit to this time? Do you have other volunteer commitments that we should be aware of when reviewing your interest in the board?
While Green Empowerment Board, staff and partners speak many languages. All board meeting materials and discussions are in English.