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Fund a child's education at Villa Marie

After stuggling in other school situations, special needs children and their parents find Villa Marie a welcomed alternative where they find acceptance, teachers and staff that understand them, and feel valued and cared for. 

The family choses between boarding and day school, based on their child's needs and what is best for them.  It is often very difficult for parents, especially those who live hours away. They know in their hearts the the best thing for their child is the opportunity for growth and development at Villa Marie, but it is so hard to come to terms with it.  For a majority of our parents it took a year to make the decision to send their child to Villa Marie.  But then a few months in, they're wishing they've done it sooner because their child has changed in such a positive way.

The individualized work we do with these children takes a special kind of teacher. One who understands their struggles, is full of compassion, able to stay calm in the most chaotic and emotionally stressful situations and love a child in their darkness.

A qualified child is never turned away due to a family's financial situation. All of our families receive some form of scholarship, as none of them can afford the $41,000 cost of education.  Donations from kind people in our community bridge the gap between the parent tuition we receive and the actual costs incurred.  Without our amazing, magificent, generous donors we would not exist to educate these precious children.

Will you join us today in providing a child with an education that will build their self-esteem, help them learn to advocate for themself, and build their courage and confidence in a safe, loving environment designed specifically to help them grow and be successful?


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