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Fund a child's education at Villa Marie

After stuggling in other school situations, special needs children and their parents find Villa Marie a welcomed alternative where they find acceptance, teachers and staff that understand them, and feel valued and cared for.  A qualified child is never turned away due to a family's financial inability.  (Villa Marie has a 70% reduced or free lunch rate.) Each family has the option to choose boarding or day school for their child. Villa Marie's cost to educate one boarding child for a 9 month school year in 2022/23 is $36,881. Donations from kind people in our community bridge the gap between the parent tuition we receive (less than 5% of costs) and the actual cost incurred.  Without our amazing, magificent, generous donors we would not exist to educate these precious children. 

Will you join us today in providing a child with an education that will build their self-esteem, help them learn to advocate for themself, and build their courage and confidence in a safe, loving environment designed specifically to help them be successful?

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