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Art Donation Form

Online Art Auction August 5-26, 2017

Deadline for Receipt of Forms is July 20, 2017. Artwork deadline is July 31, 2017.

Name of Contributor

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We recognize the value of the artist’s work and offer the opportunity to either donate completely or share in the net proceeds of the sale. If the value of the work exceeds $1,000, it will be placed on or Paddle 8. Otherwise, it may be auctioned at the pre-party on August 18th.

If you're donating more than one artwork, only one may be 50/50.

Upload the following items to

  • Artist Bio
  • JPEG of Artwork (2 images from different angles, 1 image of signature)
  • Certificate of Authorship, if available

Hamptons: 873 Bridgehampton Sag Harbor Turnpike, Bridgehampton, NY 11932

Manhattan: 494 Eighth Avenue, 15T H Floor, New York, NY 10001

Email: or

Office: 212-594-4015 Fax: 212-594-2868

Instructions: How to Donate & What to Expect... Important Information for Artists

All charitable donations to be auctioned on Charitybuzz must be submitted in full by the date noted above.


Your donation is not complete until all documents are submitted; all documents must be submitted simultaneously.

A complete donation is 2 parts and entails:

a) completing this form in full, noting the donation percentage and if it has a reserve. If you fail to provide this information, your donation will be considered at 100% to the charity.

b) this form must also be sent with the artist bio, .jpeg of the work,* W9 form and certificate of authorship (if available). EMAIL IT ALL TO RONNETTE@ARTISTSWRITERSGAME.ORG or upload the documents to this form.

c) uploading the information to Charitybuzz and filling out ALL information requested.

The subject should adhere to this format: A&W 2017 [YOUR NAME] CB DONOR FORM

If everything is in order, you should receive a confirmation email. The link to the donation page can be located on the Artists and Writers website: There should be a link to the Charitybuzz page. If you have any problems uploading, please email us.

After your donation is uploaded on the web and we receive all the necessary forms, people will bid on your artwork. When the auction ends, allow 60 days to receive an email stating if your piece sold, who it was sold to, and the final bid on your artwork.

Note: Charitybuzz takes 20% of all final bid with a minimum of $200 per item if it sells below $1000.

Donations of 50%: You will receive a check for half the amount of the final bid after Charitybuzz’s fee.**

Eg. If the final bid is $1000, Charitybuzz will take $200 and your check will be written for $400 – half of the remaining bid.

Please allow up to 75 days from the close of the auction to receive this check. All checks will be sent to the mailing address written on page 1, unless otherwise noted.

In an effort to attain as much support for our charities as possible, Artists and Writers reserves the right to hold artwork during multiple phases of the online auction – up to 6 months – unless otherwise stated by the donor. I.e., we want your work to sell as much as you do. In the event your piece doesn’t sell and the auction is extended, we will retain the work in an attempt to have it bid upon.

*Please take photos of your own work as you would like it shown to ensure maximum donor satisfaction.

**All checks written for $600 or more, require a signed W9 form. Please email us your W9 form. Again, please fill out ALL documents in advance to avoid delays.

***The artist is responsible for delivery and delivery of all pieces. The charity does not have the resources. This also helps to avoid confusion.

This form is not considered complete, unless all information on this form and your signature here are filled in:

Bailment agreement

The terms of this agreement shall serve as the understanding between East Hampton Artist Writers Softball Game (EHAWSG), and Artists that are donating their artwork for the purpose of fundraising. All artwork will be in the care, custody, and control of EHAWSG and Ronnette Riley (RR), and shall be stored at 873 Bridgehampton (P.O. Box 1462) Sag Harbor Turnpike, Bridgehampton, NY 11932, at auction venue or other location to be determined. The EHAWSG, its Board of Directors and RR shall take every precaution to safeguard all artwork while in their control, including while in transit to the exhibit and shippers site. RR will take no remuneration as custodian of the artwork, or from the proceeds of the auction, all of which shall be delivered to EHAWSG. No specific insurance shall be arranged by EHAWSG, its Board of Directors and RR for damage, theft, or diminished value whatsoever for the artwork. EHAWSG, its Board of Directors or RR shall be held harmless in all circumstances and will not accept nor be subject to any liability for claims brought by anyone which involve the donated artwork. EHAWSG and RR shall make every effort to facilitate the return of any "unsold" partially donated artwork, if requested in advance, to the donor, but shall not be responsible for a failure to do so. EHAWSG has no control over the value of the artwork or the exhibiUauction process, and will not be responsible for the amounts ultimately paid. Artist acknowledges that each piece is partially donated and shall not seek nor accept any payment beyond the agreed upon net percentage or 40% of sale. Furthermore, all art donated at 100% shall become the property of EHAWSG to be offered for future events, should the piece not sell.