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HH for Ukraine

Hashomer Hatzair USA has set up a fund to help fellow movement members in Ukraine and those fleeing Ukraine.

"We have succeeded to help numerous shomrim*ot and their families
They are ok, very frightened and confused
Some where able to cross the border to Poland and are staying in apartments we have prepared for them. Others are on their way to the western part of Ukraine where we currently looking for housing.
Men are no longer aloud to leave Ukraine so many will stay in the country
Credit cards do not work and there is no money in the ATMs, so we are looking for ways to bring cash money to the cities. Also fuel is hard to find and there is not enough fuel to drive the long distances needed to go west or to leave the country."

Please consider contributing to this fund to help Shomrimot and their families in Ukraine. Hashomer Hatzair in Europe is working to provide shelter, food, and transportation for those in Ukraine and those trying to flee. These funds help them in the effort to host families who have left and provide on-the-ground supplies for those who stay. 

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We're compiling messages of strength and goodwill to send to chaverimot in Ukraine. Please feel free to write anything you'd like to them!

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and your donation is 100% tax deductible.