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A HOPE Spay/Neuter Clinic Progress

Updated October 6, 2023


A HOPE owns 25 acres at 6951 Pine Blossom Rd., Milton, FL. Yes, we have our own address!!!
All of our prep work - surveys, permits, plan submissions to the county, and countless other details - was done by Jennifer Bell with Bell Engineering Services. They have been with us from the very beginning and this clinic wouldn't be possible without them.
The lot, driveway, and site pad have been completed, with the former being our foundation for the future clinic itself! Thank you Visionary Contracting!
The building, electrical, and plumbing plans are OFFICIAL and have been turned into our architect, Voelkel Engineering.
Once the plans are finalized, metal will be ordered for the building and permits will be submitted with the county.  Once we have the permit, plumbing will be done and the foundation poured.  After that, walls can start going up!  Once the metal is ordered, the date of completion will be less than a year! 
Keenan & Sons, Inc is our official building contractor. Soon, the walls and roof of our future lifesaving building will be ordered and placed. Please consider joining us on this life-changing and SAVING mission for community animals and pets, as well as their two-legged companions!
Our current goal is to raise $121,000 to finish, and this is why we need your help.

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