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Horse Drawn Burial for White Eagle Memorial Preserve

We've long had a vision of using horse-power for the last leg of the journey to the White Eagle cemetery, from the Ekone valley out to the burial grounds. It would be a beautiful thing, to bring the kindness, compassion, and strength of horses into that journey; to make the trip at a walking pace through the ponderosa and oak woods; to honor the deceased with the grace of a horse-drawn procession.   

With the help of some generous cemetery clients, we purchased a harness-trained quarter-draft mare, Egret (all the way from Iowa!) in 2019, and embarked on a learning journey. Our horse staff have no driving experience, but Egret is clearly a pro and has been teaching us! 

Now, we are ready to purchase the hearse vehicle.  We're inviting your support for this $5,000 purchase, the staff time needed, and an eventual carriage house to protect and showcase this lovely piece of equipment.  


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