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Weekly Classes

Chabad has an incredible lineup of weekly stimulating and satiating classes to offer for Fall '19

Mondays - 12:15 - 1pm on Campus
Ari Fellowship - an 8 week course offering an overview of the Tanya. Class is text based and discussion oriented, a good option for all levels of previous Jewish education. Students that complete all 8 classes will receive a $100 stipend.
Tuesdays - 6:30 - 8pm @ Chabad House
Torah Tuesday is offered every week throughout the semester and drop ins are welcome. Students are served a hearty dinner at 6:30pm and class follows from 7-8pm. Generally students are presented with texts and encouraged to decipher them in pairs (Chevrusa style learning). The class culminates with a group discussion led by Rabbi Wertheimer.
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Wednesdays - Lunch & Inspire - 12pm on Campus
Free Kosher pizza will be served every Wednesday! Each week will include a short inspirational thought or creative activity. Drop ins welcome!!
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Wednesdays - Advanced Chassidus for Women - 3pm on Campus
Caution this class will go deep! Explore holy writings from the Chassidic library as we delve in the topic of Rosh Hashana as it relates to our souls, our connection to one another and our relationship with the one above.
Tuesdays & Thursdays - Gemarah For Men - 3-4pm on Campus
Bi-Weekly Chaburah
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