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Expenses for each cat at Cat Angels runs hundreds of dollars for healthy cats and thousands for cats that need medical treatment. Please consider a gift to help us help the cat we are taking into our program. We accept Cash, Check, Credit or Paypal.
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If this is a Cat Angels cat, please list the Cat Angels name (the name at the time you adopted) if you know it. It may be found on the adoption materials sent home with you.

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I do hereby release the above animal to Cat Angels Pet Adoptions. I certify that I am the owner of this animal, or that this animal is a stray and the owner is unknown to me. I understand and agree that Cat Angels Pet Adoptions will be the owner of record of this animal. I release Cat Angels Pet Adoptions, and its volunteers and employees from any and all liability relating to the disposition of this animal, and the decisions made thereto. By entering my name below, I agree to these terms.

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