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Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD) Training Program Application

General Information



Military Information

Maine Paws for Veterans requires a copy of your DD214 as part of your application.

Health Information

As part of the application, Maine Paws for Veterans requires submittal of a Therapist Referral.

Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD)

Criteria for Potential Canine Candidates
Under the ADA, a service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person's disability. We do require a signed form by a licensed Veterinarian and the canine candidate will need to pass a canine temperament evaluation. Do you have a dog that you would like to train to work or perform tasks that are directly related to your psychiatric disability?

Breed, age, & gender
All potential canine candidates must meet the following requirements- 1. A signed veterinary release 2. Proof of spay/neuter 3. Be at least one year old and not more than 3 years of age 4. Have completed a Puppy Star and CGC course 5. Breed is not on the high-risk breed list, per insurance Please confirm that you understand the canine suitability requirements and that you will provide proof of the items listed above.
If so, these dogs are found to be behaviorally suitable, however, are not fully trained. These dogs are normally adopted from local shelters or rescue organizations.
Upon acceptance into the Service Dog training program, you will be required to attend weekly in-person, 2-hour sessions for a total of 26 weeks. You will be expected to log an additional 240 hours of independent training using the methods and tools learned in class in order to complete the course. Part of the training requires classes to be held in places like Home Depot, Petco, or restaurants in order to train the dog how to behave in public situations. Are you willing to make this commitment?

Housing Information

If you live in a rental, you will need permission from your landlord to have a service dog in training. Please have your landlord fill out and return the Landlord Release Form.

Employment Information

Please submit an accommodation letter from your employer permitting you to bring your service dog in training or service dog to work.

Additional Comments

Referral Information

VA referral, friend, social media, internet search
Maine Paws for Veterans Policies
  • Service Dog Training Program is provided without cost to participants.
  • Veterans need to be current Maine residents.
  • Maine Paws for Veterans' programs are substance-free (other than prescribed medication).
  • No weapons are permitted on the property or at any training location.
  • I am aware Maine Paws for Veterans will conduct a criminal background check.
Please Read

Please understand that your application will not be processed as completed until the following supporting documents are furnished to Maine Paws for Veterans:
• DD214 • Therapist Referral Letter • Release of Confidentiality/VA 10-5345 form • Veteran/Canine Support Document • Landlord Release (if applicable) • Employer Release (if applicable) • Veterinarian Release 

Download Referral Form

Click here to download our Referral Form.  Please have your mental health provider fill it out and submit it along with DD214 and supporting documents.