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DigInVT Listing & Update Form

We generally update Place profiles through information provided annually by our DigInVT partners. If you need to change anything in your listing or be added mid-year, please use the following form.

If you already have a page, only fill out the parts that you want changed (plus contact information so we can follow up if we have questions). 

We will contact you if we require clarification, otherwise we will update your listing within a few days.

Please do not include anything in your profile that needs frequent updating - we encourage places to use their own websites, social media, and DigInVT announcement pages like Events for this information, the Place profile should only change occasionally. Note that some parts of your Place listing will automatically update - if you're hosting an event, appearing at an event, appear on a trail, or are featured in the blog on our site, those will appear on your Place page without requiring a separate update. 

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Public Directory Information

Additional contact & business details for the public directory

For display in a public directory listing - please keep length to around three to five sentences (we will edit for space & consistency in tone with other listings if necessary).

E-mail for customers to contact

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Full URL

Full URL

Please note that many DigInVT listed places are open to the public. If you are not open to the public or if the public needs to make an appointment to visit, please specify.

If you have a specific URL for your store, please include that here.

IMPORTANT: Larger images will be cropped and resized to fit 850px wide by 450px high. Smaller images will not display well. Landscape (horizontally) oriented photos will work best. Please do not send logos or files over 1MB. If you have multiple images that you would like to use in a slideshow, please email us
Note: Classes & Workshops category is for places that *regularly* host these events (if you have a single class or workshop on our events calendar it will automatically show up on your Place profile); Farm Stays are for farms with overnight accommodations.
We cross check our database with Association lists once a year (but if you've joined since the last update it may not appear).