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Y-WE 2023 Black and BIPOC Girls/Non-Binary Summer Programs

Join us for summer camp programs specifically for BIPOC and Black youth! Click here for details about programs open to Black youth, and click here for programs to all BIPOC youth. This year we're offering:

The form below will ask what camps you are interested in!

If you have any needs or questions, contact Reagan (she/her) at


Y-WE Inclusion Policy

*Y-WE centers people who identify as women or girls; were socialized as women or girls; or who were assigned female at birth.

Contact Information

she/her, they/them, he/him, etc.



Y-WE is dedicated to creating inclusive spaces and programs for all, including people with disabilities and specific accommodation needs.

Demographic Information

Y-WE collects this data to better understand who we serve, and to improve and obtain support for our programs. Your answers are confidential and will not be shared outside of Y-WE except as part of anonymous percentages.

Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Info

For participants under 18, the emergency contact must be a parent/guardian.


Thank you in advance for filling out these forms promptly when you receive them!