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Bike to School Day May 4, 2016 Registration

Bike to School Day is on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 and is sponsored by the CU-Safe Routes to School Project (SRTS) and Champaign County Bikes (CCB).

Several schools in Champaign/Urbana fully participate in Bike to School Day and plan a special welcome to students who ride bicycles to school.  SRTS and CCB volunteers will be at several of these schools to welcome kids riding their bikes.

We want to encourage all kids to ride their bike

to their school on Bike to School Day!

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Schools with an * are fully participating with Bike to School Day.

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All registered k-12 students receive CU Bike Month 2016 t-shirts.

This year's Bike Month funding project is to advance Bicycle Education with our youth by purchasing a special fleet of bicycles.  These bikes are highly adjustable because kids don't come in just one size.


OSATA orange drawing

We need a lot of these bikes so we can work with a whole classroom of kids.  Plus a trailer so we can transport them to the next school, park, or bike class.

Donations are not required to participate in Bike to School Day or any of the other Bike Month events.  All K-12 kids who are registered for Bike to School Day will receive a CU Bike Month 2016 t-shirt.  But we hope some families will make a contribution at this time to help fund this special project. 

2016 Youth shirt

217 is our area code and the idea of a 217 Bike Crew is an informal way of identifying yourself as an area bike rider, especially one who is ready to help other younger cyclists get out and ride safely!  

We are really excited about this project!  The kids will be excited too.

We want to encourage all of you to be involved and be generous.  Our suggested donation level is $25, which is about what one wheel of our new education bikes will cost.  Choose whatever level works for you, and be generous if you can.  (Your gift is a tax-deductible gift, receipts will be auto-generated.)  And again, donations are not required for kids to get a t-shirt.  

If you plan to register more than one kid for Bike to School Day:

  • You need to register each kid, one at a time, so we get each kid's information correctly.
  • And if you want to make a donation, just make the total donation you'd like to make on any one of your kids' registrations.  It's simpler that way.


Note: Last year, CU Bike Month 2015 participants donated over $11,000 in our "I helped kickstart the Kickapoo Rail Trail!" campaign!  Constructin of the trail between Urbana and St. Joseph just started this spring.  The generosity of our local bicycle community is wonderful and being noticed throughout Champaign County and beyond.

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