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2024 Arts & Crafts Vendor Application

The Moravian Historical Society invites vendors of handcrafted and handmade products to submit an application to the 46th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival.

The festival will take place on June 1, 2024, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Vendors must staff their exhibits during the entire event. In the event of severe weather, the festival will take place at a nearby indoor location. 

Please submit this form to apply to the 46th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival.  

We do not host direct sales vendors. Direct sales vendors that complete this form and submit payment will be responsible for processing fees. Direct sale vendors are invited to join us as a sponsor.

The Moravian Historical Society reserves the right to accept or decline any applications.

Contact Information

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We will use this email to contact you regarding the status of your application.


The majority of the vendor's items must be handmade. 

If you are a direct sales vendor, we encourage you to partner with the Moravian Historical Society to sponsor the 46th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival! Please contact us at or visit our Sponsorship page ( to learn more about these opportunities.

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Vendors are prohibited from selling any items not listed here. The majority of items must be hand-made. *We do not host direct sales vendors.

This may include pages on Facebook, Etsy, etc.

All vendors must provide at least three images of past displays and the products to be sold at the Arts & Crafts Festival. You may upload the images below and/or provide a link to a website with images in the field above. 

ALL vendors must include or email 3 photos of your display at a previous show and all items to be sold.

Pricing Information

Early Bird Special: Ends December 31, 2023

  • 10x10 space: $50.00
  • VIP 10wx25d space: $120.00
  • Nonprofit 10x10 space: $40.00

Regular Price: January 1 - April 30, 2024

  • 10x10 space: $60.00
  • VIP 10wx25d space: $130.00
  • Nonprofit 10x10 space: $50.00

Last Minute Price: May 1-26, 2024

  • 10x10 space: $70.00
  • VIP 10wx25d space: $140.00
  • Nonprofit 10x10 space: $60.00


Electricity & Generators Policy

No generators may be used without prior approval. This includes both gas and propane. Unless otherwise specified, the only power source allowed will be from services contracted through the Moravian Historical Society. Electric outlets are very limited and must be reserved in advance. 

Vendor Responsibilities

Vendors shall exhibit, sell, or give away only merchandise, literature, and services specified in this application. Vendors shall not sell or give away food or beverages without prior approval by the Moravian Historical Society.

Vendors may not sublet, assign, donate, or trade spaces.

Booths may not be removed early the day of the Festival without permission from the Moravian Historical Society.

Vendors must bring their own tents, tables, electrical cords, and any other items needed. 

*Further details and responsibilities will be communicated by the Moravian Historical Society after acceptance of the vendor application.

I have read and agree to the above vendor responsibilities and policies.

By submitting this application, you are confirming that you have read, fully understand, and agree to the terms within the vendor application and will abide by the rules or risk being removed from the festival ground. The undersigned does hereby release, forever discharge and hold harmless the Moravian Historical Society of and from all actions, suits, damages or claims whatever arising from any loss or damage to any property of the undersigned while in the possession or supervision of the Festival, its agents, representatives, employees or volunteers.

Vendor fees are non-refundable