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A nameless eagle and a great cause?

Eagle to be Named

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of a majestic golden eagle at the Red Wolf Sanctuary and Raptor Rehabilitation Center! This beautiful and resilient bird has captured our hearts, even coming all the way from Montana! Due to tragic circumstances such as trauma that has caused blindness in her left eye and a permanent wing injury, this beautiful girl is unable to be released back into the wild, so she will find a forever home with us at Red Wolf Sanctuary.

She’s estimated to be an immature female, only about 3-5 years old, so she will have many years under in her new home. We are committed to providing her with the care and protection she deserves. As part of our efforts, we're launching a fundraising campaign to help find the perfect name for her. This is a unique opportunity for our community to come together, support wildlife conservation, and leave a lasting impact by naming our newest feathered friend. Your contribution will not only help us in naming her but also ensure the continued care and preservation of these magnificent creatures.

Red Wolf Sanctuary is a 501(c) 3 charity (tax ID # 31-0973966), and we are humbled to receive your support. By donating, you become a partner in our mission, but also it's a great way to reduce your tax liability, as all donations are tax-deductible.

Checks can be made payable to 'The Red Wolf Sanctuary' and sent to the following address:

The Red Wolf Sanctuary, Inc
P.O. Box 202
Rising Sun, IN 47040

Your Privacy is our Priority

At Red Wolf Sanctuary, we treasure your trust in us. That's why we have an uncompromising commitment to your privacy. We will never share your information. Any donor who prefers to remain anonymous will not be listed as a contributor on any public document.


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