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For each school year, if a student is going to participate in one of the school sports (not parish sports) parents are required to submit the form:

Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (Consent and Physcial)

The form is only due one time per year. For the 2023 - 2024 school year, please have the forms turned in prior to the start of the sport season. 

Please have the document listed above filled out and then scan the document and click the "Form Upload" button below and choose the scanned document file to upload. 

If you have more than one child to submit forms for, please so that our record keeping is accurate, please submit this form one time for each child. There will be a link at the end of the form to go to the beginning and re-submit the form again.


Check any and all sports that may apply.

Please click the "Choose File" button and then choose the file on your computer of the three forms and upload them to this form.