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Enlist Your Furry (or Scaly) Friend in the Movement!


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With a gift of $25 or more, your pet can become an honorary member of the Partnership! 

When Ferial Nijem needed to flee her home because of domestic violence, she faced the challenge of finding safe, affordable housing that would allow her to bring her four beloved dogs (including Pepper, pictured above!). “Most people told me, think of yourself first. It's time to get rid of the dogs,” Ferial said. “That ripped my heart out. It amplified the trauma and isolation I was going through.”  

Ferial has fortunately found housing and is slowly rebuilding her life, with her dogs by her side, but she and the Partnership know that many other victims with pets still need support. That’s why our coalition is proud to advocate for SB 1005 (Atkins) and AB 1939 (Steinorth). These bills would allow the California Victim Compensation Board to pay for pet-related relocation costs, helping survivors regain a sense of security for themselves and their pets.

As a nonprofit, our ability to lobby for protections like these relies on community support. You and your pet can help:  Donate $25 or more now to make your pet an honorary member of the Partnership!

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