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Hillel Swipe Access Agreement

I agree to the following guidelines regarding my responsibilities concerning swipe access to the Winnick Hillel Center:

  • I will only use the building for activities related to my Hillel responsibilities or to utilize the space for academic related activities
  • I will not loan my swipe card to anyone under any circumstances to access Hillel
  • If I unlock the building, I will be responsible for locking the building
  • I understand the procedures for unlocking and locking the building
  • If my swipe card is lost or stolen, I will immediately report the loss to a Director
  • Unless I am granted special permission by a Director, I will not access the Winnick Hillel Center during:
    • Friday after 9pm
    • Saturday after 8pm
    • Juice Jam
    • May Fest
  • I will acknowledge and respect any unexpected access restrictions as outlined by a Director

By submitting this form, I certify that I have read and agreed to the Hillel at Syracuse University Swipe Access Policy and I will abide by the terms of the Agreement.