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Y-WE Facilitator/Teaching Artist Open Application

Thank you for your interest in being a Teaching Artist/Facilitator with Y-WE! Please visit our website for more information about facilitation opportunities at Y-WE and the application process.  

If you have any needs or questions about the application process, please contact Karisa (she/her) at


Personal Information

she/her, they/them, he/him, etc.

Please double check that the date provided is accurate! We need your full name AND birthdate in order to run the required background check.


Experience and Qualifications

No more than 100-ish words please!

No more than 200-ish words please!

No more than 200-ish words please!

Y-WE is dedicated to creating inclusive spaces and programs for all, including people with disabilities and specific accommodation needs.

We use this info to avoid conflicts of interest internally when reviewing applications or hiring facilitators, but it generally does not affect your hiring eligibility.


Please list two references who can comment on your relevant skills and experience.



Demographic Information

Y-WE collects this data to better understand our community, and to improve and obtain support for our programs. Your answers are confidential and will not be shared outside of Y-WE except as part of anonymous percentages.

'Conversational' means you can hold your own in a conversation regardless of the topic, without preparation. Even if your grammar and vocab is a little messy, you can generally communicate effectively back and forth.