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2017 Youth Civil Rights Pilgrimage Youth Application

Please complete one application for each youth who will be traveling. 

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Youth must be participating in a Unitarian Universalist (UU) Coming of Age program or an active participant in a UU Youth Group and attend regularly on Sundays. Check all that apply.

The above named person intends to participate in the 2017 Living Legacy Project: Youth Civil Rights Pilgrimage. By signing below, I agree to covenant with the group to meet the Participant Policies and Covenant outlined in the information provided. I also recognize that if we cancel the trip for any reason, my $100 registration fee is not refundable. I agree to actively participate in fund raising efforts for this project, but should enough money not be raised, I will pay my share of the remainder balance of trip costs. 


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The YCRP is open to rising Freshman and above. Select your grade level.
Participant Policies and Covenant

I am attending the 2017 Living Legacy Project Youth Civil Rights Pilgrimage (LLP-YCRP). I understand my behavior will affect the LLP - YCRP community. 

While attending the LLP - YCRP, I will: 

  • Act in ways that encourage the well-being, safety, and best interests of the youth and all those attending LLP-YCRP.
  • Follow the Policy on Sexuality and Community.
  • Respect my roommates, the larger LLP-YCRP community, and those in the hotel and the city who are not part of the LLP-YCRP community.
  • Abide by all state and local laws.
  • Respect cultural, gender, and age sensitivities that may arise throughout the trip and be willing to talk these through if there are misunderstandings or miscommunications.
  • Ask myself these covenanting questions before the trip: How do we communicate? How do we treat those not part of the event? How do we become people others can count on? How do we treat the spaces we will visit? How do we treat each other? How do we uphold our faith? What sacrifices are we willing to make in the name of the highest good? How do we treat ourselves? How do we make amends?
  • Be willing to listen and learn from peoples’ stories, experiences, thoughts, opinions.  Use our 7 UU principles as guidelines for how we are to act and be with one another. 

I understand that: 

  • If any rule violation occurs during LLP-YCRP, my parent(s)/guardian(s) may be called together to decide the consequences for my actions. 
  • Youth are prohibited from drinking alcohol during the LLP-YCRP. We expect that adult sponsors of youth will also model this behavior for their sponsored youth. Possession or use of drugs other than those prescribed to me (including illegal or impairing substances) is not tolerated. 
  • I will not bring any weapon on this trip including knives, guns, etc. If any weapon is found it will be confiscated by an adult and will not be given back. 
  • I will respect boundaries set by the adult sponsors when in spaces I am not familiar with. 

Policy on Sexuality and Community

While sexuality is a healthy and important part of young people’s lives, there are times and places where sexual behavior is inappropriate. This policy seeks to create a healthy and safe space for all participants. Exclusive relationships detract from the community.

  • Participants must respect each other’s physical boundaries.
  • Participants shall refrain from sexual, seductive or erotic behavior while at the event.
  • Sexual behavior between participants at the event and sexual harassment are not permitted and will not be tolerated.
  • Any harassment regarding race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or disability will not be tolerated. 

Parent(s)/guardian(s) are invited to discuss this policy with their youth. 


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Please upload your letter of interest of no more than 500 words describing why you would like to participate and what you hope to gain from participating in the trip.