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Concerts in the Park or Event Musician Performer Submissions

Thank you for your interest in being a performer for The Concerts in the Park summer series or are interested in performing at another event. Concerts in the Park is a yearly series of free concerts which take place from June through August in parks located in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park. 


  • All genres of music accepted
  • Bands must be working in Washington State
  • Bands must have proper license to all copyrighted music, video, and images included in the duration of their involvement. 
  • You understand a submission is not a confirmation. You will be contacted if you are in consideration of a concert.
  • All enteries are kept on file for furutre reference. 


Contact Information

Email address for lead band member (our contact)

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Tell us about you! Who you are, summary of your music, any albums?

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We want to make sure we reach the right people each year!
Requirements: Bands must be working in Washington State. Bands must have proper licenses to all copyrighted music, video, and images included in the duration of their involvement. By submitting an entry to the ShoreLake Arts Concerts in the Park Series, you attest that all information provided is accurate and complete, that you have the authority to submit said entry for consideration, and that you have read, understand, and agree to all terms of entry.