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Make a Change to Your Membership Giving Level

We thank you for being a current member of the Shambhala Center! As you already know, making a financial commitment is an important step along the Shambhala path; it is a gesture of support to the Shambhala community and makes our practices accessible to the wider Philadelphia community. It’s a clear acknowledgement of the value that you feel Shambhala has in your life.

Look at your level of inspiration and your financial means, and choose a level of giving that’s meaningful and right for you.

  • An average of $54 in monthly contributions per member would enable us to cover our Center’s increased costs and shortfalls. If you are able to offer more, that helps cover those members able to offer less.
  • If you have questions regarding membership or would like to discuss an alternative giving schedule, please contact Mark Jacobson, Membership Coordinator, at
  • If you are not currently a member and wish to become one, please visit our become a member form.
  • To learn more about our Fall Campaign to rejuvenate sangha, support, and service, visit this page.

Suggested Monthly Contributions

  • $10
  • $25
  • $36
  • $54 Sustaining
  • $75
  • $108
  • $216

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