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Teen Board Rescue Volunteer Permission Slip

Complete this form to sign up for February break volunteering with the van team! During Feb break teens are invited to volunteer alongside the Rachle's Table Van Team. The van team moves large quantities of food from donors to many agency partners throught pioneer valley. This is a great experiance to see the 6 day a week rescue program and the amazing people that make it all happen.

The van teams meets at 9am at the Springfield JCC and will finish early to mid afternoon back at the JCC.

The van team completes a variety of tasks that includes lifting heavy boxes. We recommend wearing/bringing:

  • Sun/rain protection 
  • Closed-toe shoes or boots, something comfortable
  • Layers for warmth or cold
  • A waterbottle 

Bathrooms are available at a few agencies or grocery stores, but not always at farms.

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I understand that the services I provide to Rachel's Table of Western Massachusetts may include activities that may be hazardous to me. As a volunteer, I hereby expressly assume risk of injury or harm from these activities and release Rachel's Table of Western Massachusetts from all liability. Rescuing food requires working in a variety of settings, so individuals must be aware of themselves and their surroundings. This involves riding as a passenger in the RTWM van or in the car of a volunteer, lifting a box of food that can weigh up to 50lbs., being at/around loading docs and forklifts, being on the premises of various food donors, agencies and farms as well as adapting to present weather conditions. For example, walking surfaces may be slippery when wet. Participants should not lift anything that feels too heavy and should pace themselves and take breaks as needed. RTWM will alert volunteers due to unsafe weather conditions resulting in the cancelation of the route. By signing up for this spot, you accept that your participation is at your own risk and you will not hold RTWM, its Board members, employees or other volunteers liable for any injury, accident, harm or death while participating in the rescue program. Neither will you hold the person(s), owner(s) and/or operator of the agency/business/farm from which we deliver/pick up liable for accidents, injury, harm or death. In the unlikely case of accident or injury, you give permission for RTWM staff and volunteers to render first aid treatment and seek emergency care if necessary.
Use of photos, videos, and testimonials helps RT to tell its story, build relationships, and secure funding to continue its community programs. We respect your right to privacy and also appreciate if you are willing to have your face and/or voice in our communications, including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, RT newsletters, grant reports, press releases and news stories. Names or other identifying information will NOT be used with media materials. Please indicate if we have your media consent.