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Thanks to your support and generosity, we are turning the challenges of the present into unique and powerful opportunities for the future.

Last year, we expanded our partnerships with local conservation groups and business owners who eagerly welcomed our "Aventureros". These young people of Bahía de los Ángeles participated in sea turtle conservation efforts, partnered with local entrepeneurs to find out what it takes to run a business, and even learned traditional skills like leatherworking.

Now, with local kids being asked to learn online for the first time ever, we've opened our doors are are committing resources to help them succeed. Thanks to volunteers, donated laptops, the miracle of internet, and your generous donations, we are growing a community hub and learning center that will have lasting impacts on local kids, and ultimately, wildlife.

There was a time when this needed program was just a dream. There was a time when we thought it might just be a summer program. Now, we are asking you to help support us in making Aventureros a full-time reality for our youth and our town. Your dollars go toward educational activities, supplies and filling the pantry with healthy, affordable, accessible food.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for continuing to support the growth of Vermilion Sea Institute so we can nurture the relationships between people and desert and sea ecosystems! It would not be possible without you!

There are three main ways that you can direct your support to VSI. (1) Aventureros is a program that provides science, snorkeling, English, and data collection lessons to local students, fostering stewardship values for the next generation. (2) The VSI Scholarship Fund provides equitable access to nature. We never want money to be the barrier to making a trip, so we have created a scholarship fund to bring the Baja experience to people who would otherwise be unable to visit. (3) By donating to VSI General Fund, you would be supporting our mission by helping to cover overhead costs, staff salaries, and more.
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We'd love to hear about how you first learned about VSI and the Aventureros.