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Pay BRU Membership Dues

BRU membership is offered on a sliding-scale fee structure of $5 to $25 annually. Lower-income BRU members can pay the lower $5 rate, while higher income members make up the difference by paying the higher rate. If you have questions or would like to become a member by phone, please call Community Engagement Coordinator Shawn Fleek at (503) 774-4503.

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BRU Members must be transit-dependent. They must also meet one or more of the following criteria being: (1) Working class or low-income, (2) a person of color / multiracial, (3) a person with a disability / differently-abled, (4) a sexual / gender minority, or (5) a youth (age 13-21) Supporters are those who do not meet these criteria, but who wish to help direct campaigns. Supporters attend meetings and support and direct campaign activities but do not run in BRU yearly elections.

Let us know who to thank for inviting you to join BRU.