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Volunteer with WRIR 97.3 FM

WRIR-LP 97.3 FM Richmond is a low power, nonprofit community radio station that began broadcasting in 2005. Our mission is to air underrepresented news, views and music in order to provide a platform for culural diversity in the City of Richmond, VA. WRIR is all volunteer powered and donor funded. We are always looking for people interested in a new and interesting way to serve their community. Thank you for applying to volunteer with WRIR. We look forward to learning more about you!


*Court ordered volunteering requires automatic background check. All accepted volunteers are required to submit to a background check, but court ordered applicants must complete one before orientation.


How Do You Want To Be Involved?

Volunteers manage the daily operation and host the programs heard on WRIR. The station is organized into Committees who manage the many aspects of the station. Committees meet monthly either at the station, virtually, or a combination of both. Check the boxes next to the Committees that most interest you. The Volunteer Coordinator will forward your contact info to team members who will reach out to you.

The Music Programming Committee is responsible for training and managing our crew of volunteer DJs, as well as choosing what shows air and where they go on the program schedule. If you are interested in sharing your passion for music, whether it's on air as a volunteer DJ or behind the scenes programming and archiving, MPC is for you!
The TALK Committee is made up of citizen journalists, talk radio and podcast hosts, local content creators, audio producers/editors, programming managers and board operators (both in-person and remote). TALK stands for "To Air Local Knowledge," the goal being to air and archive a mostly local lineup of community talk radio shows and podcasts aimed at telling the stories of past, present and future Richmond. All trained volunteers in this Committee are expected to help train incoming volunteers.
Are you the next Spike Lee or Spike Jonze? Maybe, maybe not. It matters not to us! If you have an interest and some skills in the realm of video editing, recording live performances, making Tik Toks... come join the RiV team! As we build this baby Committee, we are seeking people of all skillsets, but seasoned mentors are encouraged to apply!
Get experience running live sound for artisits/groups performing in our live studio and making sure they sound real nice for our archives and theirs. Any skill level is welcome to apply and train, but seasoned engineers are encouraged to apply!
The Fundraising Committee are the masterminds behind our Spring and Fall Fund Drives. If you are knowledgable in fundraising, donor relations, grant writing, underwriting and finance in general, this is the WRIR Committee for you!
Plan and volunteer at events that benefit WRIR and the community. You'll work with venues, artists, galleries, small businesses, festival producers, other non-profits and community members just like you. Marketing, Graphic Design and Social Media are also contained in this Committee.
If you have been told you are a people-person and have a knack for leadership and organization, the Volunteer Committee wants you! This Committee is responsible for helping other Committees fulfill their volunteer needs by recruiting new volunteers through social media, online postings via our website and volunteer search sites, as well as responding to volunteer applications. Committee members will onboard new volunteers with orientations and guidance to Committees in the stated areas of interest. They will also be responsible for responding to active volunteer concerns and questions.
This WRIR Committee is responsible for keeping the station on the air and up-to-date, as well as making sure the building stays safe and in working order. This is a Committee that is NOT for the more casual volunteer and does require certain time commitments and skill levels. That being said, all are encouraged to apply, train and learn how to run a low power community radio station. We currently have a need for more seasoned Ops volunteers, though, so please do apply if that is you!
Be the "station buzzkill." Learn the ins & out of the complexities of FCC rules and regulations. Or you help find PSAs, make sure they are FCC compliant, and supply them to the Music and TALK Committees.

Don't see a Committee that jumps right out at you? Never fear! We have tons to do. There's a place for you here somewhere! Give a brief description of your skillset or general interests in life and we will see what we can do!

This is an opportunity for us to get to know you before we meet in person. Tell us anything.
The fine print (you knew there had to be some)

Filling out this form does not obligate you in any way. It merely expresses your interest in volunteering with WRIR. EMAIL IS OUR MAIN FORM OF STATION COMMUNICATION. WRIR will not share your email outside of WRIR business. WRIR will conduct a mandatory background check once you are a full fledged volunteer. Volunteers under 18 must have an adult volunteer in the station with them during their service hours.

Where do we go from here?
WRIR-LP 97.3FM Richmond/ airs unrepresented news, views and music in order to provide a platform for cultural diversity in the City of Richmond. I understand that I am performing a community service by volunteering and as such, when I am representing WRIR on the air and in the community, I am respectful of those I serve.