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Living Legacy Pilgrimage Scholarship Application

Please complete the following application as fully as possible. Scholarship decisions will be based on the information provided in this application.

Note: scholarship awards apply to double-occupancy only. If you do not have someone you can room with, one can be assigned to you.  

The deadline for receipt of scholarship applications for the January 12-19, 2020, Living Legacy Pilgrimage: The Jewish Experience in the Civil Rights Movement, is October 15, 2019. Following notification of grant awards, registration and the balance of fees is due by November 15, 2019. 


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The Living Legacy Project has limited funds available for scholarships. All scholarship recipients are asked to pay as much toward the trip as they can possible afford, including raising money from others to contribute to the experience. At a minimum, everyone is asked to pay at least $50. 

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Thank you for your interest in the Living Legacy Pilgrimage! We will be in touch with you as soon as possible with information about your application for a scholarship.