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Thank you for your interest in supporting the work of Day 7.

Here is what that means from two of our participants:

“Day 7 provided an avenue for me to address various needs in my life to better care for my whole being. Through counseling, spiritual direction, and even taking a better look at nutrition, I am able to make good choices for how to navigate each day. I didn’t have to wait until I was desperate and burned out. I’m quite sure that without these services at the time I began, I may have reached that point. The programs that were part of my care plan have allowed me to be a stronger leader and made me aware of how to care for myself while caring for others.”

“With the financial support of Day 7 I was able to receive care for my body and soul. My ministry was suffering because I was weary and stressed. Because of Day 7 I was able to meet with amazing Spiritual Directors, to regularly exercise and to take Sabbath time. These things and more refreshed my spirit and led me back to the joy I find in ministry and my family. I am deeply grateful.”

Consistent monthly giving is a homerun for our ongoing programming and planning, and you can see how to join the Give 7 Team below. One-time, quarterly, and annual gifts are also greatly valued and appreciated!

We thank you for any way in which you choose to support our nonprofit staff in Nashville!

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