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MCCE Mock Trial School Registration 2023-24 Season

Thank you in advance for contributing to the development of young legal minds. This form serves to register your school and your team(s) for regional events.

Thank you for your patience as the MCCE Board of Directors, the MCCE Programming Committee, the National High School Mock Trial Board of Directors, numerous courthouses, and additional volunteers worked together to develop a plan for the season.

This registration form and payment are required for full registration. The registration window is Tuesday, November 1  through Wednesday, January 15, 2024 for legal teams.  Please know the regional events are typically first come, first serve. So if you know which regional you want to attend, please register asap. An additional form requesting the legal team member information, courtroom journalism, courtroom artistry participation, along with team pictures will is also required by January 31, 2024.

Thank you for your continued commitment to your students. 

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Team Information

In this section, please indicate the number of teams and your regional choices.

Number of teams you are registering for the 2024 regionals
Regional Choice(s)

Please include your top two preference for regional dates. While it is best to attend the region you are closest to, if that does not work for your students, please indicate the best possible dates that does work for your students. Preferences will be award on a first come basis in addition to geographic representation. For regionals on the same weekend, choose the one that best meets your geographic location. All regionals are pending a minimum number of team registrations. Should a regional fall below the minimum, MCCE will work with schools for the next best option.

My School's FIRST choice for our Regional Selection is (please choose one):
My School's SECOND choice for our Regional Selection is (please choose one):
Are you an alumnus of any MCCE program? (If you are, please check all the apply!)
Do you intend to bring additional students in the companion programs including Courtroom Artistry and Courtroom Journalism? Registration information for Artists and Journalists will be collected in late January with the team member information.

Please list any accessibility needs, accommodations, technology, and/or other considerations which may help you and/or your students' accessibility for the virtual and/or in person trials. This question will be asked again at the time you submit your team member information.
I agree to the code of conduct. By registering, I acknowledge full compliance with the Code of Conduct for myself, and adult or student participants and observers in attendance. I bring into the event space. A full copy of the Code can be reviewed here By registering I also agree to work with my students to represent both the school and MCCE with personal, professional, and academic integrity.
Orientation. I understand I and/or my team needs to attend an orientation prior to the event to review the virtual processes for the trials. Several options will be available.
Release. I acknowledge the Michigan Center for Civic Education (MCCE), its partners, and the schools involved may use the likeness, images, video, and names of students and adults affiliated with my school’s participation. I understand the above may be used for press releases, MCCE social media, school communications, video promotions, and other related communications. Should a student, school, or volunteer choose to withdraw from this agreement, the school or participant has an affirmative obligation to submit (e)written notification to MCCE staff at least 48 hours to the start of the event who will acknowledge and (e)sign the document prior to the beginning of an event. Advance notice is important in order to share with appropriate volunteers.

Payment Options

You have the option to pay by check or credit card. Please indicate which form here. If paying by check, please send to: Michigan Center for Civic Education; Attn: Mock Trial; 306 Townsend St.; Lansing, MI 48933. Please allow two to three weeks for processing. You may also send directly to Ellen for faster processing at: Ellen Zwarensteyn, Attn: MCCE, 7096 Summit Hill Ct. SE; Caledonia, MI 49316. Please note payment is necessary for complete registration.
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If paying by credit card, please complete the following. If you are ready to submit without payment, please scroll to submit registration below.

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Thank you for championing Mock Trial! Your involvement truly makes a difference.