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At the Highlights Foundation, our heads are full of words.

Words that pack a wallop.

Words that wallow.

Words that whisper or wamble or waltz or warble.

Soothing words.

Frightening words.

Quirky words.

Somber words.

And we all have a favorite, or two or three.

Your donation to the Word Garden supports the Highlights Foundation General Scholarship Fund. 


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If you are adding more than one word, please add each word on a separate line.

We’d love to know what inspired you to choose this word (or words), if you’d care to share. If this is in honor or memory of someone, please let us know below. And this dedication will be shared with them or a family member, if you would like.
All the words submitted on this form will honor a single person. Please submit separate forms for each individual you wish to honor. If you wish to honor multiple people with a single word/rock, please note this in the text box, and someone will reach out to you.

Eg. If the notification should begin with "Dear Kofi" then type "Kofi" into this field.