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#B300 Make the Ultimate Recycled Rug... from Plarn!

Thursday evening via Zoom. March 4, 6-8pm.

All those heaps of plastic bags that you can’t recycle
just got a new purpose. Yarn made from plastic bags
makes a very sturdy, easy-care, washable, durable, and
useful rug! 

To help put a stop to the tremendous amount of plastic
grocery bags from entering landfills, this re-purposed
and #ReFab project is just what the planet ordered. It is
so satisfying to turn plastic bags into art instead. Also,
the materials are free and readily available. You will
need quite a stash of bags for a large rug.

Using basic crochet stitches, we will use a single
crochet stitch, concentrating on making a rectangular
rug that you can continue to add to as you get more
bags. The sturdy plarn can also be used to make
placemats, market bags, and coasters once you
understand the basic concept.

Materials List:
• Plastic grocery-type bags. They should be relatively clean and hole free.
• Scissors that you would cut paper with- not your good scissors!
• The largest crochet hook you are comfortable using. (I used a Q)

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