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Home Hosted Seder Sign Up: Passover 2019/5779

Let those of us our doors as able to interwoven, inclusive community this Passover. We invite you to participate in strengthening the network of progressive Jews in Seattle by:

1. Inviting in others to your home (or the home of your family and friends), for Passover seder on 1st night, Friday, April 19th. If you have even one extra seat at your table, please let it be known so that indeed, all who are hungry may come and eat and partake in the work of our collective liberation. We hope to be able to offer a diversity of seder experiences - in many neighborhoods (Kadima members span Bellingham to Tacoma and Vashon to Kirkland, currently!), with various degrees of young-people inclusion, ADA accessibility, pets and no pets, dietary restrictions, and political/haggaddah flavors.

2. Signing up to be hosted at a Passover seder in a Kadima member's home, on 1st night, Friday, April 19th.

If you are someone who is thinking about hosting for the first time in a while (or ever!) or who would simply request some content and/or leadership support, Rabbi David and Mollie would be happy to provided one on one and/or group support to hosts as requested and needed. Meanwhile, tell us as much as you can below to provide those in need of a seder this year the ability to chose one that best fits their needs this Passover.

Thank you for engaging in the Kadima community and working toward collective liberation!


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How many seats would you like to offer for community members?

Please consider both access to your home (stairways, hand rails), as well as bathroom accessibility (can a wheelchair user enter and maneuver in the bathroom) and hall and doorway width (min. 32 inches).
Please check as many as you are able
If so, Rabbi David or Mollie will get in touch with you.
Hosting Requests
Tell us more about your needs and desires so we can provide the best match!

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How many of the people in your party are young children?
Mutual Aid Passover Cleaning
We will put folks offering in contact with folks requesting, and then you can schedule your cleaning with each other directly.