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Adopt A Classroom

An important role of the PTO is to support its teachers. Historically, MES and SPARK give teachers a beginning-of-the-year stipend to spend on classroom improvements, including updated materials, new books, special projects, and more. This year, as our edHOOcators build out their very first classroom at VHE, it’s more important than ever for them to receive this money.

Join us in raising funds to distribute to each teacher. Our goal? $250 per teacher. But that's not all - every dollar up to $10,000 will be matched! Thanks to three generous VHE families for this incredible donation.

Interested in volunteering your time to help move teachers into VHE this summer? See below.


Contact Information

It will be owl hands on deck this summer as we move into VHE. Let us know if you're able to help. Projected move-in window: July 17-28.
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