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Israel Day Parade 2023

Join the LGBTQ+ Cluster for the Israel Day Parade in New York City on June 4th. Every adult (over the age of 18) is asked to fill out their own individual RSVP.

Contact Information

Will you be marching in the Celebrate Israel Day Parade 2023?

Note, everyone marching, including children, will need t-shirts.

Parade Rules Agreement

Please click yes to the following rules.
1. Groups may not, under any circumstances, insert unapproved banners, additional statements on banners or other props unrelated to their approved theme (i.e. political slogans, divisive or inflammatory statements). 2. All Cluster Group participants - children and adults - must wear coordinated attire for security reasons. Cluster Group organizers must not give out their t-shirts to unaffiliated or unknown individuals. This is for safety and security reasons.