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We the Students - Michigan's We the People Program - VOLUNTEER Sign Up

Thank you in advance for contributing to the civic fabric of our society through your volunteerism!

Contact Information & Availability

Mailing Addresses

We are hoping to be in person and to provide you your resources on site.We will send some materials as well. In case there is a need to send materials, please include your best address below.

Alumni Information

Volunteer Availability

Volunteers will need to attend a 30-45 minute virtual orientation in advance of their district or state events. This may be a live (virtual) or recorded orientation. We appreciate all efforts to judge both events - if you need to choose one, please try to volunteer at State Finals! Thank you.
Districts are morning half day events. Districts have passed. Please continue on to the state event.
This is an all day event - preference for volunteers will be given to those who can volunteer all day as it provides more predictability in the scores.

Volunteer Role and Preferences

Presiding Judges. Scoring Judges. Facilitators. Zoom Room Helpers. Orientation Facilitators. Tabulation.

If you choose scoring judge, please indicate which Constitutional areas you would most like to engage with. Please see the website for a full list of questions. Please check all that apply.

Scoring Judge Time Keeper/Facilitator Other - Hospitality, Directions etc.

Please list any school and/or individual and their school who you may have real and/or perceived conflicts in judging.
Orientation Dates: MCCE will offer a series of orientations for virtual We the People processes. This is strongly recommended for new and returning volunteers. Please reserve one time slot to join us - either as facilitator or a judge. If you cannot make one of these times, please contact Ellen to schedule an individual orientation. If you don't know your calendar yet, no problem. We will reach out with a reminder closer to the competitions.

Answers may be featured on social media, the website, and may be shared for other organizational and promotional material.


I agree to the adult and volunteer code of conduct. By registering, I acknowledge full compliance with the Adult Code of Conduct for myself, coaches, and adults I bring into the event space. A full copy of the a Code can be reviewed here: By registering I also agree to work with my students to represent both the school and MCCE with personal, professional, and academic integrity.
I understand I will need to attend an orientation prior to volunteering to ensure I understand what is expected for the hearings. (This isn't different from year's past - just that there will be more options to attend an orientation in advance of the hearing day.)
I acknowledge the Michigan Center for Civic Education (MCCE) and the schools involved may use the likeness, images, video, and names of students and adults affiliated with my school’s participation. I understand the above may be used for press releases, MCCE social media, school communications, video promotions, and other related communications. Should a student, school, or volunteer choose to withdraw from this agreement, the school or participant has an affirmative obligation to submit written notification to MCCE staff who will sign the document prior to the beginning of an event.
I understand the content of my ballot will be shared with students, coaches, and community members and will write them with positive, wise, and constructive feedback.

Join the MCCE Giving Circles. (Optional)

Magnify your impact with a monetary gift to support the civic programs and educational opportunities provided by MCCE. If you are so able, please consider giving to support the mission of MCCE.