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Our unique gift certificates offer opportunities to support the Farm AND give actual digital gifts to the recipients. Your friends and family will be able to have a little piece of the Farm to be proud of and call their own.

Regardless of the occasion—birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, achievements and weddings—and in amounts of $25 and up, Pitney Meadows Gift Certificates help both giver and receiver share the love we have of our Farm and our community in a fun, tangible, and meaningful way.

After you process your order, a digital certificate (without amount shown) will be emailed directly to you and/or the recipient of your choosing.

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The Gifts

Love From Lily

While on the Farm, you will often find Lily meandering through the fields on the heels of her owner, Sarah Miles, Education Director at Pitney Meadows. Lily is always willing to give a little love in return for a scratch on the head. Your sponsorship of Love from Lily helps preserve the fields and the land that Lily so dearly loves to roll in.


Adopt A Honeybee. Support Our Sunflower Patch 

Honeybees and other pollinators are the mini heroes of our ecosystem. When you adopt a honeybee you’re enabling bees to support the reproduction of trees, flowers (they love our sunflowers!), and other crops, which serve as food and shelter for creatures great and small. We depend on them and they depend on having a habitat like the Farm to thrive!


Adopt a Tree on the Trail 

Our 166 acres of farmland offer opportunities for outdoor recreation on our trails through woodland and meadows. Adopting a tree supports our trails program and makes you a part of an important land-preservation project.


Fund the Forever Farm, Feed the Next Generation

Pitney Meadows is here to stay; we want to grow food for our community for generations to come. When you give the gift of funding the Forever Farm, you offer a stake in the importance of community farming and in our region’s future well-being. 


Fill a Food Box, Feed a Family, Grow Community

Take part in our grow-to-give effort with a gift certificate that reflects the recipient’s donation of a food box to our neighbors at risk. When our fresh vegetables are donated to local food pantries, senior programs, and other food programs, the recipient can be proud of directly helping someone in need. 

Please list all recipients' names if there are multiple gifts. Also indicate which recipient is supposed to receive each gift if multiple gifts are selected. Name will appear on certificate as it appears here.

Please list each email and each person's first name if there are multiple recipients. If no recipient email is given, the gift certificate will be emailed to you.