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Business Partner Digital Highlight

Thank you for your Business Partnership and your interest in doing digital highlights through ANCA!

Digital highlights are a way for you to communicate with the ANCA membership. The format of a digital highlight is simple: submit an image and a brief message (fewer than 150 words), and ANCA will adapt these to post to our communications channels, including our email newsletter and social media.

For instance, your message could be about a new resource that your company has developed — or it could just be a reminder about the services or products you already have, so that ANCA members will recognize your brand. Here's an example of what a highlight looks like on Facebook:

Please note that your message can only be informational regarding products or services, and the field in which you work. We cannot include prices, indications of saving money, comparisons to competitors, or a call to action regarding purchases.

As a reminder, Platinum Business Partners may submit five digital highlights per year; Gold Partners four; Silver Partners three; and Bronze Partners two.

Thanks again for your partnership!



ANCA will work to post to social media on your preferred date, and include in our biweekly email as close to the date as possible. If you have no preferred date, leave this blank.

Please upload a jpg, png, or pdf of your image. We recommend your image is at least 1000px wide.

Limited to 150 words.

Terms and Conditions

I currently hold all rights to the Submission content ("submission"), including text, photograph, image, or material that I am submitting.

To the best of my knowledge, my Submission does not infringe or violate any trademark, copyright or privacy rights of any third party. I acknowledge that I have secured all required releases, consents and permissions from any individuals or organizations appearing in the Submission.

I hereby release the Association of Nature Center Administrators and its legal representatives from liability for any violation or claims relating to the Submission.